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Fanfiction! \o/

I am not so good at articulating WHY I love fanfic, but I often (usually) prefer it to original fiction. I read pretty fast, and am really not fond of having to take reading breaks; I much prefer reading stories in one go. Yes, even the 150k+ ones.

And think about it, think how amazing it is, this huge community of people who want to explore characters or storylines, or who just never seem to tire of reading the same tropes over and over and over again, written in a million similar and new and original ways across multiple fandoms? I mean, I’ve read probably 36748256754 coffee shop AUs, but goddamn I still love them!

And oh my god, the porn? Yes. Because it can cater to literally every possible need. Sometimes you want the realistic porn where it’s messy and clumsy and nobody lies with their covers artfully draped over their fun bits afterwards, and sometimes you want the slow-motion lovemaking with the swelling music and super sappy romantic confessions of love - and sometimes you want crazy tentacle porn with supernatural mpreg and self-lubricating assholes, and it’s all a-ok!

Fanfic is AMAZING, it’s one of my favorite things in the world, and people write things and do SO MUCH RESEARCH AND SPEND SO MUCH TIME just… to share things with the world. And yeah, it’s self-satisfying, and of course I love getting hits/comments/kudos on my shit, but most of all, I love the idea of a community that creates FANWORK for themselves, for each other, for fun, for their friends, for charity, for the hell of it, for FREE! And I happen to love fanfiction most of all.

I just, gosh, I love fanfiction.

Oops I rambled.





TONIGHT: Kenan Thompson explains why he’s such an amazing ice skater.

It’s knucklepuck time!




I don’t know.

I mean, maybe I walked around the house a little bit with like, a plastic knife in my left hand all the time. There might’ve been some of that.
Sebastian Stan (x)

Get to know me meme — [1/10] current celebrity crushes: Jeremy Renner


Anthony Mackie [x]


Anthony Mackie [x]


can you believe i spent actual time on this


can you believe i spent actual time on this


Episode 1.21 (“Ragtag”) promo pictures and a couple shots of John Garrett from “Providence”.

…Check out the picture on the file. They are looking at Garret’s medical record!




what is in that box?

#this says so much about each of their plans #may is going to survive on that island; kill its beasts and live on their meat #trip is getting out with a sat phone someone’s going to pick him up he has faith someone will get him #fitz has no fucking idea simmons is the smarter one ask her #simmons has been dreaming of this moment her whole life #skye also has no fucking idea but her laptop hasn’t failed her so far???? #ward is like may but he doesn’t think he will have to survive for that long #he has finite ammo he believes someone will come for him too #this scene (via maximofff)

I was thinking about this and I wonder

Ward didn’t even pick a hunting gun

Or something with more than six shots in it

I don’t think Ward’s fending off anyone

I think he only needs one bullet

And I don’t think he’s getting off that island at all

damnut ^this sounds plausible

…. fuck. Ward. :-\

I think that’s very accurate. I think Ward needs just enough ammo to defend himself long enough to see if there’s any way out, and if there’s not, then he’s got a solution.


T.I.F.F  the town premiere 2010 pics…